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Who was Tom Moore?

The Tom Moore Stevenage Network

Who was Tom Moore?

Tom was born on 22nd October 1986 and was the oldest child of three, Andrew born 1988 and Maxine born 1992. He was born and brought up in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and attended Giles and Barclay Schools. After leaving school at the age of 18 Tom attended the University of East Anglia in Norwich, studying Environmental Science. Tom began his involvement with the Scouts at the age of six when he joined the Beavers and loved it! He continued through Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. While he was with St Nicholas Scouts, he achieved the Chief Scout’s Award, which was the highest award he could gain at that age. His love of hiking, camping and the outdoor life originally stemmed from trips with the Scouts from a fairly young age and he took part in many night hikes, had several tries at Peak Assault and did a 40 mile walk, among other things. He had a great sense of humour and always had a cheeky grin; he did the Derbyshire Three Peaks challenge dressed in a hula skirt, a bikini top and hiking boots to raise funds.  He visited Lochearnhead several times, the first time when he was an Explorer – he loved it there.

At the age of 18 he became an Assistant Explorer Scout Leader in Stevenage and attended on Tuesday evenings as often as he could, although for a couple of years this became more difficult when he was away at University. However, he kept in touch with everyone and was always there in the breaks from Uni and occasionally at other times if he was needed. At this time, he also became involved with occasionally helping a close friend who was running a Beaver pack in Southgate who sometimes needed an extra pair of hands.


While Tom was with the Explorers, he did his Explorer Belt, joining up with others from all over the country to spend month in Uganda where he did a required hike – getting up and starting out at about five in the morning because of the heat – and some community work in local schools. Through this, he became the first scout in Stevenage to gain his Explorer Belt in 2006.

In 2007 Tom continued his work in the Scouting movement, his love of the outdoors and hiking and eventually became a Queen’s Scout in the year of the centenary of Scouting. He attended a ceremony to celebrate this achievement at Windsor Castle, and stood with many other Queen’s Scouts in the courtyard to be inspected by the Queen. During this time, Tom was also working towards achieving his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, which was presented to him by the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, at a ceremony at St. James’s Palace in February 2008.

During 2007/8 Tom was determined to give something back to the Scout movement, which he loved so much. He continued as an Explorer leader and started work on creating a Scout Network in Stevenage – an area that had never been developed before. He worked hard to get things going and, with help from other Explorers who were interested, eventually the Network was set up in spring 2008.

During this time Tom was also working on achieving qualifications as a Mountain Leader with the idea that he would be able to take groups of Scouts out on the mountains at Lochearnhead and elsewhere and instil into others his love of the mountains and the outdoors.

Tom’s other interests included swimming – he swam for Stevenage Swimming Club for many years –Kickboxing – he was a member of a club – and generally keeping fit; he usually went for a run every day and cycled everywhere.

He absolutely adored tigers and was rarely seen out without a tiger t-shirt on.

He was passionate about green issues and was desperately concerned about the damage we are doing to our planet. He spent his ‘sandwich’ year from university working for a London Council as their Energy Efficiency Officer and spent a great deal of time raising awareness of the need for recycling, conserving energy and becoming more environmentally friendly. He also stood for the Green Party in two local elections.

In July – August 2008 Tom joined a Hertfordshire Scouting expedition to Liechtenstein to help with groups of young people who were hoping to achieve their Explorer Belt. Tom was having a fantastic time in Liechtenstein and spent several days camping out in the mountains in Switzerland with the other Explorer Scout leaders who were there – whilst checking on their groups at pre-arranged rendezvous points.

On Friday 8th August 2008 Tom had a ‘day off’. The scouts were back from their Explorer Belt challenges and everyone was packing up their camping gear etc. to go home on the Saturday. Tom went off for a walk up the Mittagsspitz Mountain, setting off very early on his own. He never returned from that walk and the Mountain Rescue Teams were called out to search for him. His body was found a few days later; he had fallen approximately 1,000 feet into a ravine.

Many mourned Tom’s death, and his friends and colleagues in the Scouting movement decided it would be fitting to honour him and name the Stevenage Network after the young man who did so much for Scouting in Stevenage and had worked so hard to set the Network up.