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Station Diary
(A leaders point of view)




Day One - 25th July

The first day with everyone in Scotland went well with the scouts and explorers taking part in many different activities.

Group 1 and 2 started of their trip with a day Kayaking, with many of the group saying they didn’t want to get wet. One Explorer ended up spending more time in the water than in their kayak.

Group 3 and 4 went on a ‘small’ mountain walk up ‘Ben Glass’, completing their first Munro. A Munro is a mountain in Scotland with a height over 3,000 feet (914 m). They walked all the way to the top.

Group 5 and 6 spent the day on Loch Earn sailing, only causality was when the Station Master lost his glasses and pocket knife in the loch.  

Group 7 left the station and cycled towards Baquhidder, up and down the hills.

Group 8 started their week on the station, helping in the kitchen and preparing the station for the rest of the days activities. They also spent some time deciding on the evening entertainment of blind limbo dancing with a difference.

Group 9 ‘Went on a walk’ – in the words of their leader they had ‘first break, first lunch, second break, second lunch and third break.’ In between the walking, in which he was very impressed with.

Group 10 walked out of the station and up the mountain just to the side of us.

Group 11 were walking up a local mountain when one member pointed out a bird above them, the simply stated ‘that’s a golden eagle.’


Everyone managed to take some fantastic pictures in between the light showers.




Sunday 24th June A Long Journey to Scotland

Sunday 24th June

Once the coach finally arrived; the Scouts and Explorers had worked together to fill it with all of their kit , we were underway. Within 2 hours all Scouts and Explorers were asleep. Around 5:30am the scouts were awoken to a breakfast, after a little convincing they got off the coach for a little leg stretch. Back on the coach we had 4 hours to go, with the sun rising, many of the scouts and explorers decided to try and stay awake, this only lasted a short while. J Arriving at the station at 10:00 we had made good time.

After settling in to their cabins, unpacking their kit and a lunch of hot dogs and burgers; the scouts and explorers went for a short walk to Loch Earn to have a look at the local area.

A chilled evening has been planned to recover from the long journey and prepare themselves for tomorrows activities.

Not long to go

As the hours count down keen young members and leaders either start or finish the last of there packing before heading off on what for some is the trip of a life time to take part in a range of fun and adventurous activities for just under 2 weeks in Scotland